LeClerc Icing Research Laboratory (LIRL)

Cox & Company is pleased to provide our valued customers with one of the finest icing wind tunnel test facilities and technical support staff in the aerospace industry today.

The LeClerc Icing Research Laboratory (LIRL) is a world-class test facility for the study of aerospace icing conditions. This in-house test capability provides Cox with the capability to simulate the wide variety of icing environments encountered by aircraft under actual operating conditions of wind speed, liquid water content, droplet size and extreme low temperature conditions. The LIRL was originally designed and built in 1995, but is continually upgraded to meet the latest demands of the field. Our facility design includes state-of-the-art noise suppression technologies including vibration isolation and acoustic noise damping materials to provide our customers will a user friendly operating environment during testing.

Cox performs research and development programs using the LIRL for a number of Government agencies including the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program. Past research programs have included the study of mixed phase conditions and laboratory snow generation. Our in-house icing tunnel is a valuable tool to support new customer development programs and in-house R&D activities.

The Cox LIRL test facility and support staff are also available for customer rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Customer reservations for Cox LIRL rentals are available up to one year in advance of scheduled testing dates.

For technical inquiries and commercial agreements, please email us at

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