Electronic System Controllers

Cox controllers feature innovative packaging and cooling solutions for confined and harsh operating environments while minimizing weight and heat sink requirements. Cox patented EMI protection provides further weight savings. Our sophisticated design concepts are applied to the customer's specifications and range from simple analog, to digital, to full microprocessor based control for all Design Assurance Levels (DAL).

- Windshield de-fog / anti-ice control units are a configurable, compact, light weight, and affordable solution. Ideal for aircraft requiring reliability, compactness, and customization.

- Utilizes the latest in solid state switching control design, and provides a warm-up “Soft Start” time portioning ramp on initial activation to minimize thermal stresses and overshoot.

- Provides up to 6500W utilizing 3-phase 115VAC power; 400Hz Constant A(C), Narrow Variable Frequency A(NF), and Wide Variable Frequency A(WF) compatible 

- Our propeller de-ice control units are a compact, light weight, and affordable solutions for high power, multi-blade turboprop aircraft. Ideal for applications requiring reliability, compactness, and customization.

- Cox’s Timer Motor Control Unit (TMCU) outputs more than 8000W of power to deice a six-blade propeller on one of the largest turboprop aircraft in production. 

- Controllers are typically designed to be paired with Cox’s Ice Protection Systems, but custom products are designed in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and power outputs up to 72 kW to meet specific customer applications.

- Cox designed control units are currently in service paired with other ice protection systems such as pneumatic boots and bleed air or as a part of an integrated Cox ice protection system.  

- As part of Cox & Company’s Crew Rest Heating System, controllers provide closed loop temperature control for small to large crew rest quarters or other areas with sensitive payloads. They are light-weight, configurable units that can meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

- Cox’s waterline Controller is designed to provide temperature regulation , monitoring fault-reporting on multiple heaters simultaneously while being affordable.

- Each heater is independently tested using a simple press-to-test switch on the controller, saving maintenance costs and time. 

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