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Cox's key to success on all new customer programs has always been our technical excellence in engineering design and technical support services. We also ensure complete customer satisfaction for every in-service Cox product we have ever sold with our world class customer support and aftermarket services. In today's world of challenging business demands and requirements, why settle for less than the best? Contact Cox & Company for your next new product or system solution.

New Product Development

For any new product inquiries or RFI/RFP submittals, please contact Cox's business development team via e-mail by clicking below:

Sales Inquiries (Existing Products)

For any recurring / existing products sales inquiries, please contact Cox's sales team via e-mail by clicking below:

Customer Support

For product support requests, please contact Cox's customer support team via e-mail by clicking below:

General Inquiries

For all general inquiries, please contact Cox via:

telephone: +1 (212) 366-0200
e-mail: by clicking below 

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Icing Wind Tunnel Inquiry

To inquire about our icing wind tunnel, via e-mail by clicking below:

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